24 March 2021
Ziņas un Viedokļi
Investing in P2P – risks, platforms, alternatives

I was invited to do a presentation about P2P to Lithuanian investor community. Their announcement is here.

They also agreed to share recording of it, so if anyone prefers video to reading, here is my attempt to do a 30min intro to P2P investing:

Topics covered:

  • 00:00​ About me
  • 01:20​ General risks
  • 06:50​ Safe way to invest in P2P
  • 07:36​ Failed P2P platforms
  • 11:26​ Investing in camels
  • 12:24​ Mintos failures
  • 13:57​ P2P bloggers
  • 15:42​ Questionable P2P platforms
  • 24:50​ P2P platforms to consider
  • 27:30​ Alternative to P2P

Note that recording was done on Feb 10th and I mentioned in the video 4 Mintos loan originators that I consider to be OK, and one day later there were some news about 1 of them, specifically Sun Finance operations in Denmark.

Platforms to consider

Key Takeaways

  1. P2P is speculation at best, donation at worst. Don’t expect safety or any real guarantees.
  2. Some P2P platforms have failed, but many more to come.
  3. If you are considering to invest larger amounts, consider bonds as an alternative.


Author: Kristaps Mors, kristapsmors.com